Monday, June 20, 2011

May 10th Song on Y&R -- SHELTER is now available on CD Baby and ITUNES

You can download that wonderful song "I'm Your Shelter" (SHELTER) that was played on May 10th's Young and The Restless here:

The direct link to CD Baby is:

Also, on ITUNES -- search for the song SHELTER, but AvantAudio

Stay tuned!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Young and The Restless song Friday June 10, 2011

Hi Soapers: A lot of people want to know what the song was that Genevieve played to lure Colin to the house on Y&R's June 10th episode.

The name of the song is: DID YOU
The artist is The Morrie Morrison Orchestra Featuring Alyce Hauser
The writer is Ken Morrison, and if you like, go ahead and email Ken Morrison, the recording artist’s son for more info

Here are some of the lyrics:
"Did you ever really love me
Did you ever really care
Did you ever really miss me
Kiss me I wonder if your heart was ever there
Did you ever dream about me
Did you ever really cry
Did you ever really love me
Or did you really tell a lie"