Thursday, June 13, 2013

Always In My Heart on The Young and The Restless - May 28th Tribute to Jeanne Cooper episode

On the May 28th episode of CBS’ “,” cast members, family and friends celebrated  life of  (Katherine Chancellor), who passed away earlier this month at the age of 84, in an unprecedented tribute co-opting the regularly scheduled episode.  Cooper, the Emmy Award-winning actress who portrayed Katherine Chancellor for more than 39 years, was the show’s longest-running cast member.

Several songs played in the episode are available by emailing: and asking for a copy of the song you heard in a particular scene.

In the clip where Nikki tells Katherine that those who pass away are never gone and remain forever in our hearts, the accompanying instrumental music is "Always In My Heart", written by William Peterkin and Barbara L. Jordan.  It has played many times throughout the years on the show.

Wasn't this a wonderful episode with moving music?