Thursday, February 14, 2008

French Song in Lily-Cane Parisian lovemaking scene on Young and Restless today

Ah, Lily and Cane finally make love on Valentine's Day on The Young and The Restless, to one our exclusive songs, JE SUIS HEUREUSE, which is available for download (probably by later today or tomorrow, so check back later today!) at the only site we know of for finding those really hard-to-find song gems you've heard on the shows!

It was a big moment for all the Lily-Cane (LANE) fans..Lily arranges for Cane to come upstairs, where she's decked out the room in French memorabilia and says "Welcome to Paris, and and then she says "I want you" in French...which is followed by her revealing her black and pink lingerie...and soon his shirt is off and they're in bed with each other - tres romantique!

The lovely French song you hear is is by Antje Zumbansen and Jack Perricone. Here is a photo of the sultry singer-songwriter Antje, whom we will tell you more about after we've uploaded the song for you! By the way, you've heard her songs before in several key montages on Y&R.

Here is the lyric translated into English, and then in French below it:

I am Happy

It’s a day, a day in May
The weather is magnificent
The sky is blue
The clouds are white
And me, I am Happy

The birds in the trees
They sing a melody for me
I want to dance
And embrace the whole world

The birds in the trees
The sing a song for me
They sing a song so sweet, a song for us, a love song
And I am happy

But sometimes I remember my lonely times,
the sad times of my life,
My life with no light
But now at this moment I feel so good
I am so sure
And I wish that this moment would last forever
I want to sing

(c) 2007 Antje Zumbansen and Jack Perricone

Je Suis Heureuse

C’est un jour, un jour de May
Le temps est magnifique
Le ciel est bleu
Les nuages sont blanches
Et moi je suis heureuse

Les oiseaux dans les arbres
Ils chantent une melodie pour moi
Je voudrais danser
Voudrais embrasser tout le monde
Les oiseaux dans les arbres
Ils chantent une chanson tres douce
Une chanson pour nous
chanson d’amour
Et je suis heureuse

Mais quelquefois, je me souviens de ma vie seule, de
ma vie triste, de ma vie sans lumiere
Mais a present, je suis contente, je suis tres sur
Et j’aimerais que ce moment ne finisse jamais
Je voudrais chanter

(c) 2007 Antje Zumbansen and Jack Perricone