Friday, August 15, 2008

Songs on Various Episodes Identified!

Hello fellow soap watcher-listeners. I'm back!!! Sorry to have been away for so long, but there've been some big changes in my life, and I'm finding it challenging to continue with this blog. First of all, I'm not watching the soaps as much, so when your questions come in, I'm having to do some research with the music supervisors of the shows. So that's why it's taking me time to get back to you.
I've assembled some questions I've gotten, and will provide answers when I actually know the answers!

First question: What is the name of the song that Nikki and Victor (Y&R) danced to for their anniversary, but not sure...and then when he thought she was in the limo that crashed - he reminisced about her and that same song was playing.

Answer: The song is “Through the Eyes of Love” which is best known as the theme song in the movie ICE CASTLES recorded by Melissa Manchester.

Here's another question which I do NOT have the answer to:
Question: Do you know the song that they played on All My children when Aiden was saying goodbye to Greenlee on May 5, 2008 Hold Me Now? Are we Both Afraid is the first line.

Does anyone out there have the information on this song? If so, please email me at with the information. I'll be SO grateful!

Here's another Y&R question:

Question: Could you tell me the name of the song heard on May 22, 2008 and then again on July 21, 2008 as the background music when Victoria and Sabrina are at Crimson Light and are discussing Adam's mistake and then it was heard today again at Crimson Lights in the background when Sabrina and Victor are looking at sonogram of baby. The first lines are :
Waiting for you to turn the light off and to see if I needed anything else.
and it also has the lines..."seems like its never enough for you..waiting for you." I'd also like to know the singer and where this song can be purchased. Thanks for your help! I've search for the lyrics everywhere on the internet and cannot find it.

Answer: Okay, we got lots of emails on that one - and unfortunately, it's a song that's not available yet to the public, as Sony hasn't yet put up a website where you can download/purchase songs that the company owns the copyright to. In any case, the name of that beautiful song is "WAITING FOR YOU" and it's written by the 2 Y&R composers, David Kurtz and Jack Allocco, along with Monica Behan and Deron Johnson.

You can find other songs written and recorded by Monica Behan & Deron Johnson at the following website.

Here's another Y&R question:
Question: I was wondering what is the tile and who performs the song on the young and the restless episode dated march 5th when Daniel carries Amber up the stairs, it's really catchy!!

Answer: Well, that "cue" is titled “Pucker” and was written by the Y&R composersThe cue is titled “Pucker” and was written by the Y&R composers. This is not available as a download at this time.

And yet another Y&R question:
Question: Hi guys -- what was the song Nia sung at the end of the show today (February 14, 2008)? Is it available for download or sale?

Answer: The song is "For All Time" written by the Y&R composer, and not yet available to the public.

And... on February 8th, 2008, I got this email question about a song on Y&R :

Question: What was that great song Amber sang...on camera...she's a nice singer! Does she have a CD? Where can we get the song?

Answer: That is an (Amber) Adrienne Frantz original song. The song is “Halfway” from her CD titled Anomaly. You can get her CD from iTunes or the following websites.

Okay, folks, that's all for now.
Stay tuned for more!