Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Song "IT'S OVER ALL OVER AGAIN" on Y&R 9/23/08


I've gotten so many email requests for the song that no one can find...but it's here at It's a haunting song written by one of our best singer-songwriters Bill Cinque, who with his collaborator Dave Robyn wrote this song specifically for The Young and The Restless, and was featured near the end of the episode on September 23, 2008. They are a team who've written so many songs for Y&R, and some of them are on our CD compilation "Favorite Songs Heard On The Young and The Restless" (TOGETHER, and ONCE IN A LIFETIME, available at :

But this particular song "IT'S OVER ALL OVER AGAIN", is available as a single song download on our site at: It was in the final scenes on 9/23/08, at first when Amber and Billy were lying in bed talking about Kane, and in the final scene when Daniel was walking back towards the pictures of art he had sold to Billy.

Best to you, and keep in touch!