Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"Never Ending" is the song on Dec. 26th on Y&R everyone's asking about

The Fisher song "NEVER ENDING" was the moving montage song at the end of December 26th The Young and The Restless, and it's available for purchase at our website www.soapsongs.com, so make sure you visit the site to get the song via email.

Fisher's music has been heard on so many of your favorite television shows and on countless advertisements on national television. Her unique and sensual voice has also been in tons of movies. She was the first artist signed to a record label based on the response from fans to her music on the Web. Fisher is a unique voice and a major talent, and you can learn more about what she's up to these days at her website: www.fishertheband.com

Fisher wrote this song for Young and The Restless and we at Soapsongs.com have had a very special relationship with Fisher and some of her songs for over a decade. I love Fisher and her husband Ron more than I can say, because not only do they make such beautiful music together, but they are two of the most grateful and loving people I have ever met in the music industry. I could not have gone on at times without their support of what I've been trying to do in the world of film and television music. They are like music angels. And Fisher certain has the voice of one.