Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LOSING MY FOREVER - Lily and Daniel sign divorce papers to this song

A depressing scene but a clever one (Lily discovers Amber frolicking with Daniel as she brings over the divorce papers for them both to sign) on today's Young and The Restless, punctuated by a hopeful song for Lily and Daniel by up and coming artist Barbara Wollenberg "Losing My Forever (Hang On)". We've already gotten alot of calls about the song, so we're making it instantly available for sale as an mp3 - no hassles, just go to the new: for details.

Here's the lyric:

What do I get out of this
I don't mean to sound so selfish
But I give, you take
Can you try harder for my sake
Where do I fit in your life
It's a tight squeeze, I'm barely alive
Will you break my fall
If I surrender to it all

Hang On
Don't give up on me
We'll get through this together
Hang On
Losing you would mean
Losing my forever
I'm here for you to pull you through
I'm gonna make it better
Hang On

I can't keep my heart from screaming
Does this have any meaning
Can this still be saved
Or am I digging my own grave
Now the night is slowly dying
And the morning sky is crying
Where did we go wrong
Did we know it all along

If you fall I'll fall with you
Just to keep from losing you
Don't leave - Just breathe
(c) Barbara Wollenberg & Aaron Accetta